Upgrade Accelerator for Legacy Portals

You could work through a version upgrade on your own, but how much of a disruption to business schedule, resource availability, and potential system downtime will it take? At the end of the upgrade, will you have only a new version number to report from the command line or admin console?

Base22 can help accelerate and add quality to your upgrade process. We have utilities and expertise to speed you through the process.

The Services

Assessment and Upgrade Planning Workshop

to perform a detailed upgrade assessment to identify the tasks and architecture changes required.


What You Will Get

  • Project Plan
  • Resources Plan
  • Architecture
  • Risk Mitigation Plan

Modernize the Stack Assistance

providing code assessment, portlet modernization, and infrastructure rebuild.


What You Will Get

  • Jumpstart of updating portlets & infrastructure
  • Build out new infrastructure on portal
  • Best Practices

Design Refresh

provides a design workshop to review current IA and UX design, solicit the business vision for a future UX and create a prototype of the new vision using design thinking and DX 9.5 features.


What You Will Get

  • Business and IT workshop
  • Best practices sharing
  • Visual prototype of reinvisioned design

Capabilities Assessment

providing an understanding to DX 9.5 and DX 10 capabilities and mapping those capabilities to current needs and requirements.


What You Will Get

  • Feature mapping
  • Roadmap of activities

The Tools

Version upgrades are the perfect time to evaluate current state,
commit to infrastructure and operations process improvements,
and discuss support for new version features.