From Base22 to Latvia: Alysson Speaking at Euro IA

Alysson Franklin in workshop

Our head of Information Architecture and User Experience, Alysson Franklin, will be speaking this September at one of the biggest events for Information Architecture in the world: Euro IA. His presentation will focus on citizen-centric Information Architecture, exploring the ethical impact of good UX practices through the case study of the Government of the State of Ohio and its digital efforts to build a complete digital experience for its citizens.

You can review Alysson's presentation abstract in greater detail on Euro IA's website.

This will be the Euro IA Summit's 15th year and it will be centered around the theme of "Impact": exploring both the explicit and the implicit consequences of the design of digital products, platforms and experiences. The summit started in Brussels in 2005 and since then it has traveled all around Europe evangelizing about Information Architecture (IA) and User-Experience (UX). Today it is one of the most prestigious summits for the field, gathering over 15,000 professionals over the years. If you're attending please say hello to Alysson at the event.

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