Digitally Transform Your Business So You Can Transform the World

Business is complicated. Even before the information age, businesses needed to continue to learn and grow in order to compete. With the arrival of computers and the digital age, changes occur even more rapidly. How do businesses continue to evolve? The answer lies in digital transformation.

What Is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is about adapting to changes in culture and technology that relate to delivering superior customer experiences, as well as relevant employee, business partner, and stakeholder experiences — that is, every aspect of your company. Digital transformation uses digital technologies to modify existing or create new business processes of all kinds, whether internal or external. By automating, tracking, and measuring the results of this digital transformation, businesses become more efficient, productivity can be increased and sales transactions can be streamlined and boosted.

Reimagining business in the digital age is also a digital transformation. It allows businesses to adapt to rapidly changing customer experience and marketplace conditions. If you are just starting out, you want to make sure every business process is aligned to scale and designed to be efficient.


What Are Some Examples of Digital Transformation?

  • Printed materials are transformed into digital assets.
  • Print and mail campaigns are transformed into email marketing.
  • Print and billboard advertising are transformed into social media marketing.
  • Brick and mortar storefronts are transformed into online websites.
  • Loyalty Club cards are transformed into a mobile app.
  • Store purchases are transformed into e-commerce portals.
  • Memos and calls are transformed into messages and videocalls in a digital workplace.
  • Knowledge and experience are transformed into digital resources and guides in an intranet portal.
  • Analytics and metrics are transformed into business intelligence dashboards in an intranet portal.

As you can see from the list above, in every aspect of digital transformation, there are cost savings due to the fact that digital media allows scalability and efficiency, and is less expensive than physical media.


How Can a Digital Transformation Workshop Help Improve Your Business?

A digital transformation workshop is an excellent starting point for the digital transformation of your business. Our workshops provide you with the tools you need to reimagine your business processes and teach you about the digital technologies available to your business.

Present us with a problem, and we will help you visualize possible solutions and teach you how to refine those solutions according to need. The outcome is a tangible solution developed in a short period of time. This includes defining new digital projects that will position your brand, a UX vision, setting up a strategy, prioritizing projects through a roadmap, defining governance in your departments for each project and risk assessment for their execution.

After the workshop, we provide other consulting services such as User Experience Evaluations, Digital infrastructure & Integration Planning, and Digital Marketing Evaluations.

Digital transformation doesn’t have to be lengthy or difficult. With our workshops and other services, we can assist you in achieving a high-performance digital initiatives plan that will transform the customer, employee, business partner and stakeholder experience in ways that will positively impact your bottom line. Get started today, and transform your business with Base22.

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