Reimagine your Business by using Liferay DXP as a Catalyst

Digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies to create new — or modify existing — business processes, culture, and customer experiences driven by changes in customer expectations around products and services. This means building digital products, such as a customer portal, mobile applications or an ecommerce platform
Liferay Digital Experience Cloud Platform will allow you to reimagine your business processes to meet today’s customer expectations of convenience and speed and provide similar capabilities to employees – without replacing existing systems.

Customer Experience and Digital Process Re-engineering Features

  • Highly flexible user experience tools – built-in design system and support for all modern JavaScript frameworks
  • A low code application builder for business users
  • Provides secure access and Single Sign On to content and applications
  • Personalization and content targeting based rules engine, segmentation or user behavior to highly personalize and customize user experiences
  • Embedded Collaboration tools such as a knowledge base, wiki, blog, ratings, and message boards
  • A Content management system with content authoring tools and workflow approval
  • Digital Asset Management for all media types
  • Electronic forms creation, management and data base integration
  • Workflow and process management tools
  • A distributed full text, multitenant search service
  • Application Integration and API management Tools
  • Built in content performance analytics and support for all 3rd party analytics tools

Digital Infrastructure Features

A management console that allows IT to manage the platform:

Environments management and controls
Performance and health monitoring tools
Auto-backup functions
Failover management in the event of an environment failure
DevOps Management tools
High Availability

DXP Cloud is a Platform as a Service which will accelerate change and embrace artificial intelligence to boost operational efficiency and respond to evolving customer expectations.

It is the catalyst that will drive digital transformation.

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