Case Study

Faith in your Brand – KFC Communications

KFC Communications and Base22 teamed up to completely redesign their web channel for employees and franchisees. Approximately 80% of the 6,000 restaurants across the US are independently owned. KFC Communications made a strategic decision to transform their web communications channel. KFC chose IBM’s Digital Experience Suite as the platform and asked Base22 to enable the new solution using our proven enterprise portal blueprint. Comprised of architectural principles, design assets, and implementation patterns, the Base22 blueprint makes it easier for the business to manage and maintain content and services.

The KFC team wanted to:

  • Deliver personalized news and information based on the user’s profile – We structured the home page similar to sites used on a regular basis, with a personalized newsfeed like Facebook, more images, and improved content interaction like on CNN or MSNBC.
  • Deliver the tools employees, franchise owners and staff use most often – We organized the most frequently used tools and information into one convenient dashboard.
  • Make it easy to find exactly what users are looking for – We improved the accuracy and ease of search by eliminating outdated content and by creating new content that was based on researching search terms and identifying users’ real needs and desires.
  • Share news, tools, and info with others –   print every page, article, and resource, and share direct links that will take you to a specific piece of content instead of the home page.
  • Make it easier to login to other business applications – restaurant managers and staff are now only required to login once to TeamKFC to access many of their business applications.
  • Improve navigation and layout – All content was completely reorganized to be more intuitive and user friendly.
  • Make it easy to deliver and update policies and standards – KFC’s procedures are now incorporated as content instead of PDF documents; each Standards page also links to related content and resources so everything you need is in one place.
  • Improve TeamKFC News – headlines now link directly to the news item within its respective site, not the home page. Users can also print any resource or email a direct link to any item on the site.

The KFC Communications Team was extremely pleased with user feedback that followed the relaunch.

One franchise owner remarked,  “If there is anything that gives me faith in our brand, it is how this website functions as an incredibly organized resource of information. I am SO IMPRESSED. As a franchisee, I feel that my effectiveness as a leader has just improved 1000%. This is HUGE, and I thank you for your leadership in making it happen”.

A KFC employee said the new design was “light years away from where we are currently operating…the thought process is phenomenal.”

The TeamKFC Journey Continues 

The Base22 blueprint is now in place and KFC continues to make enhancements as their business needs change. Base22 continues to serve and support the needs of the KFC Communications team.

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