Calibrating your Digital Workplace for Productivity

Your digital workplace is as important as your corporate headquarters. Just like any other workspace, it needs to fit your business needs, your employee’s needs, and more importantly, engage your employees so they stay with your company
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Your workplaces can kill your workforce’s energy

Applications, tools, reports, multiple logins, new and old passwords, emails, notifications, all of the time. Having “too much noise” speaks on how immature a digital workplace is: usually, it means that it is not well-planned, not streamlined, and not integrated. Because it impacts daily tasks and processes, this excess of disorganized touchpoints and signals can hurt employee retention. Enterprise portals, platforms, and mobile apps that are not tailored to your needs can turn simple activities into painful endeavors, or just become the main reason why your employee doesn’t want to connect with your organization every day. Improving digital workplaces to enhance employee experience is something all leaders should commit to

How we can help you

With Base22, you can envision, built, redesign or consolidate your Digital Workplace using modern enterprise technology and tailoring it to your business needs. We target efficiency, productivity, and business growth

One-stop shop for your employees

From apps to policies, to HR requests and water cooler chats, your digital workplace is where you want your employees to be every day. Stop wasting time finding crucial information or requesting access


Streamline processes with self-service

Enable your employees to manage their information and accounts, request holidays, or continue with their training without having to reach out to a support agent. Self-service means moving forward 24/7


One login, all of your tools

Bring “legacy” systems, software, tools, and apps so your users can access them from one login. Manage your audiences’ access more effectively and consolidate your data an intuitive repository of knowledge

An experience consistent with your brand

Make your digital workplace enjoyable. Make it productive. Make your employees want to come back every time. Deliver your brand promise in every digital touchpoint, so your workforce stays with you

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