Components of Good UX

A well-structured information architecture (IA) should create a digital journey that encourages user engagement and increases conversion rates. The online experience is not just about what the user sees – it’s about how the user engages. Does your online or mobile experience provide your users a way to easily navigate and digest information on your site? Finding that balance is possible when you have experiences that are user-focused - based on what your users want - and your business needs.

Improving your speed, solidifying your site security, and presenting a useful, modern user experience creates a superior engagement for customers and employees.

Our approach to creating this experience is user-centered design. Technology and beauty go together: a state-of-the-art website that no one knows how to use is just as pointless as a beautiful interface that doesn’t do what you need it to do. If the experience meets users’ expectations, it works. Craigslist isn’t beautiful, but the experience makes it easy for people to do what they’re there to do.

We believe there are 4 components of good user experiences outside of design and aesthetics. Information plays the largest role in a good user experience. So what do we believe about UX and information?

The 4 Components of Good UX:

On demand
An organization working towards optimization is one that is leveraging all of its digital capabilities by offering better service to the end customer through efficiency
Information ad hoc
Employees benefit because they can interact with and access the right information and insights easier. Translating to more efficient employees, and a more efficient company atmosphere
In real time
Benefits also apply to suppliers as supply chains can now operate in tune with market fluctuation affecting pricing and downstream logistics
When, where, and how they choose
Stakeholders, too, will be able to access information, applications, and services quickly, and on their own terms

A site focused on providing the best user experience to it's customers, visitors, employees or whoever you're targeting will be more successful at it's mission and will likely benefit from an increased ROI. We can help you increase your ROI through digital modernization. Base22 and Liferay bring user experience expertise and digital optimization strategies that will propel your website forward to digital modernization. If you want to learn more about how this technology can impact your business check out our article here. 

Right now we are offering free UX evaluations for companies interested in improving their site experience. Request yours here

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