Enterprise technology
designed for humans

Your organization runs on information. Your employees, your customers, your business partners all rely on having good information and increasingly expect a world-class web experience to find it. But as these expectations and the information people need has grown both in volume and sophistication, it can be a challenge to keep things well organized and useful. We can help.

Base22 approaches all projects with a core set of user centered design principles that we apply to everything we do - from our award winning employee portal blueprint to the mission critical business applications we design and build. Let us help you. Below are just a few of the services we provide.

The Base22 Digital Experience Blueprint

Your project already has a head start. Building on more than 15 years of usability research, competitive analysis, and good old fashioned trial and error, our team has been refining a core set of principles and patterns for intranets and extranets using open web services, tailored to multiple types of businesses. This is not just theory: our digital experience blueprint is in use and continuously honed based on feedback from millions of users in organizations large and small. More than just widgets and templates, our blueprint is a full solution that can be customized to tackle any business challenge. It’s a foundation that lets you continue to grow within it – available on premise or as a Cloud-based offering. The blueprint’s design is the result of our commitment to asking the question over and over again: what kind of experience do people really want?

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