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Design, Strategy, & Implementation of Content Management Systems

Web and mobile solutions succeed based on the quality of the content. Content, after all, is why people visit your site. While a beautiful design and perfect user experience can help and bad design and poor UX can hurt, content is the reason people even try to use a site. The good news is most organizations already have tons of valuable, quality information - it's just in the wrong format, stored in the wrong place, buried in emails or hard drives, secured to the wrong people, mislabeled, mistagged, unwanted, untrusted, and unloved.

The goal of content management is to remove all barriers to getting that information collected and organized into a useful web-based solution. At Base22, we understand that content management is not just a technology (although that is a huge part of it), it is also about creating the right culture and establishing the right governance. 

Web content management should be easy

If you can make content management as easy and seamless as possible, and remove all of the friction for creating content, it is much easier to create a healthy web culture in your organization. That is why Base22 spends as much time thinking about how we can make the authors, contributors, reviewers, and translators happy, as we do making end users happy. Because without quality content, you can never have a quality site. 

Base22 has knowledge and experience in content management both from a content strategy level and in the selection, installation, configuration, training, and integration of enterprise content management systems. These systems include IBM Digital Experience (IBM WebSphere Portal, IBM Web Content Manager, IBM Forms, IBM Connections), Liferay, Wordpress, Drupal, Microsoft Sharepoint, Atlassian Confluence, Mediawiki, and many others.

Developing a Content Strategy

Base22 can help you understand what content you already have, what works, what doesn't, and where the gaps are. Content Strategy can be conducted as a stand-alone engagement or as a critical part of a digital experience transformation. Key deliverables include a content and services inventory and gap analysis, a content roadmap, content creation process map.

Selecting a Content Management System

The key to modern web development is reusability. You want a solution that allows you to author once, and post to many different channels and which enforces consistency and removes all unnecessary friction from the authoring process. That said, there is not one solution that works for everyone. You have many different options and there are several considerations. We specialize in helping you select and customize the perfect system for your needs.

Building an Enterprise Taxonomy

There are two mistakes everyone makes when setting up an enterprise taxonomy for a content management system. The first is not paying enough attention to how content is tagged and organized. The second is paying too much attention to it. It is easy to get bogged down creating endless content hierarchies they never end up seeing use. Base22 has developed a strategy for developing industry-specific taxonomies to drive personalization and keep content organized. By following these simple rules, your content will stay organized for decades and this will be the last time you have to think about redesigning your site or developing a new taxonomy. Base22 can share with you principles and patterns we have used at some of the largest and most complex companies in the world and give you real, practical solutions you can begin applying right away. 

Multilingual Site Solutions

Today, even small and medium-sized organizations need content in multiple languages. Even if you do not have this requirement today, you likely will in the future and need to be thinking about it now. Planning for multiple languages, in the beginning, is much easier than trying to add it in later. All of the Content Management Solutions that Base22 implements are multilingual capable and we recommend enabling those features and conforming them to your needs. We can help you establish the proper human and expert-driven translation workflows or enable automated machine translation. 

Establishing a single source of truth

A good information architecture establishes a clear, unambiguous home for information. This principle is one of the most important and yet neglected aspects of managing a good site. It is also one of the more difficult to achieve since it requires coordination across organizational boundaries. It is obvious that there should be one - and only one - source of truth for information and yet for a variety of reason, many organizations fail to achieve this basic expectation of users. Base22 has experience helping companies establish not only the technical approach but also the business culture to maintain a single source of truth.
Let us show you how. Case Studies from the consumer goods, energy industry, restaurants and more.

Content Governance Strategy

At Base22 we value information and understand the importance of a single source of truth. We have helped many large firms develop thoughtful and comprehensive content governance strategies. These guides ensure that your content, your site, and your message are always on point. Wouldn't it be great if your employees or customers knew exactly what information to trust without having to wade through the clutter?

Enterprise Social Solutions

Businesses and other organizations are turning to social business tools to improve organizational performance. Social business holds great promise for improving collaboration but there are challenges. Information overload, upholding organization governance, maintaining compliance with organizational policies and procedures, and leveraging the meaningful conversations are just some of the elements that socially networked organizations have to deal with. 

Understanding organizational communication and replicating its interactions into the organization's web channel is key to adopting these new technologies. Base22 has worked with some of the most recognized early adopters of social business solutions and our client experience has resulted in the development of the Base22 Social Business Blueprint. Our social business blueprint delivers a seamless, personalized user experience that integrates the content and services of a traditional enterprise portal with a social experience that facilitates collaboration, community building, and expertise location.

Getting Started

Contact us today to see a demo of our complete content management solutions. We want to help your company provide a greater user experience for everyone that you serve. 


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