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It’s all too easy for companies to get caught in a cycle of constantly redesigning solutions to solve the same problems. We break that cycle with a methodology that involves a deeper look at the problems we’re asked to solve. Rather than apply temporary patches to isolated problems, we lay a solid foundation that you can build on year after year. Think of us as your base, your foundation, your jumping off point for the next one hundred years. We offer both a disciplined fixed-price method and a more flexible Agile/fast-prototyping method, depending on the project.

Fluid Methodology

A proven methodology for optimal flow from strategy through implementation.
We’ve honed our adaptive approach over hundreds of successful projects, taking the best of Waterfall and Agile to create a development methodology that is both disciplined and flexible. FLUID honors the natural overlap of project stages, while still maintaining a level of rigor and documentation.
The principle of fluidity extends beyond an ideal workflow. We make sure we have talent with cross-domain experience and ability: design-centric developers and tech-savvy designers. We also keep open the lines of communication and interaction among project teams throughout the development lifecycle.

The methodology is intended to be as brief as possible on the surface - something that is easy to review and use on a regular basis. It defines a project in major phases or steps - each with their own set of guidelines as well as example work products and templates for deliverables. Our methodology is the foundation upon which we stand, a platform from which we launch into the new, and a base for receiving some of the very best of our combined knowledge. It is, in short, how we can ensure that our brand promise can be met and kept for each and every client who has sought our services because of what that promise represents.

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